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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 30, 2019 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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the oracle arena watch party as a team comes up short in game one of the nba finals. the eleven o'clock news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. toronto raptors gets came in over the warriors and hold onto their home court advantage. the final score was 118-109. back at home, thousands of where fans showed up at oracle arena tonight for a watch party. life coverage from amber lee. she is there and has reaction from fans. >> reporter: team officials tell me 10,000 fans came to oracle arena tonight to watch game one. even though it's not and the way they wanted, fans tell me they believe in s of game one, fans left their seats ready to leave this i think it impacted them going all the way
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with the not ready. it is going to happen in game two . >> a little disappointing. it does not matter. we have more games to win. where's all the way. >> reporter: with the team on the road, fans wanted to be on warriors grant. they wanted to enjoy the fanfare of the final . >> i wish i could go to toronto. unfortunately i cannot. i have to come to the next best thing . >> it is the only way to watch it when you are watching the finals. to watch it with a the game and into the team. one warrior says that he was the team ballboy almost 50 years ago. get them the water and gatorade at the time out. >> reporter: held he is the guest service supervisor hoping fans get to their seats. he has mixed emotions meeting this is the worst last post
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season at oracle. >> i miss it already. >> reporter: fans say they miss where to start kevin durant who is still out with a calf injury. there sank the road is a bit more difficult. i think they have a great chance of doing it. have to win in game six. we will be right back in game six with the watch party . >> hopefully we can take it. hopefully we can still at least one on the road . >> i feel confident going into game two. a lot of adjustments are being made. >> reporter: finals game two will be played in toronto on sunday. the warriors will come home to oracle arena on wednesday to play game three. new details know about yesterday's dangerous hit and run rampage in san francisco. the suspect has been identified as 25-year-old cherry hill of san francisco.
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police say she was under the influence and driving with a suspended license. she is now facing at least 70 felony charges. one of the two pedestrians hit remain hospitalized in life- threatening condition. police said the 8-year-old man was walking at the corner of eddie and taylor when he was hit by the stolen suv. san jose police have not arrested three men on charges of human trafficking. police say that a 14-year-old girl called a crisis hotline think that she was being held against her will at a motel 6 in san jose and had been forced into prostitution. one police responded to the motel they found two more alleged victims. in addition to human trafficking the three suspects also face kidnapping and pimping churches . asking for help after ble data for his doctoral thesis. we have a reporter live in santa rosa. we spoke with the victim tonight. >> reporter: he is 38 years old from pleasant hill.
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he has spent many years in republic of congo doing research on mandrels, which is a type of baboon. it is specialized work and it disappeared from this parking garage over the weekend. >> we doing it will be months of work for sure. >> reporter: myles woodruff has hauled his research around africa for most of a decade. he's been sitting chimpanzees and other primates. also how to track them and protect them . >> when i lived in the jungle my computers blow up a lot. i had it thoroughly backed up. >> reporter: always prepared for water damage or equipment failure. it was a break-in at this downtown santa rosa garage that caused him significant work. here is the people strolling out with the black and white backpack woodruff had hidden under his seat. when it was his laptop, a hard drive, and a thumb drive. normally they are never kept together but woodruff is also a triathlete and was in the ironman race that day.
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>> you are not allowed to put your wallet or valuables in the back for the race. they were unfortunately all in the same place at the same time. >> reporter: history devices are gone. fortunately the core thesis is already submitted. lost is his most recent data and analysis. when his phd advisors give him feedback and require revisions -- >> those corrections will require the i go back through my data and use that data to edit. that is where the real challenge is going to be. >> reporter: recording thousands of lines of data. the thief was oblivious to all of this. he went into the nearby mall, but a skateboard with the credit card and rolled away. a set of keys in the backpack turned up at a local homeless shelter. no sign of the 13 inch macbook pro . >> it is in a nippon shop, in his house, or it is floating around with the homeless community. there is a sinking feeling.
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>> reporter: woodruff says his work as a biological anthropologist is helping him keep perspective about the the now in malaysia this week. there are real problems in this world. this is a setback but it is not worth my time to be mad about it. >> reporter: woodruff hope the thesis identified so that the academic materials can be recovered. he fears his devices have been tossed in a trashcan by now. the backpack is identifiable by the words ironman printed acrostic . >> where did he go to school? >> reporter: his goal is called presidio graduate school. it is in san obviously a passion for him. >> let's hope some good news and we can find that laptop.
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talks to end the teacher strike in union city in south hayward have just ended for the night. we are told that since no doubt was reached the state to school superintendent will help join the negotiations tomorrow. drunk teachers huddled in the cold outside the alameda county office tuesday evening. the strike is now well into its second week. students and teachers rallied together at a middle school earlier in the afternoon. we were sent an email today that explains that we would have four days docked from our main pay stubs, which come tomorrow. dropped the union and district proposals are still millions of dollars apart. one big change was the representative that was sent by the state superintendent it., the today and joined the conversation. >> reporter: earlier in the week, the district listed $8
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million in cuts that might be needed to offset the 3% pay increases proposed by the teachers. those included closing an elementary school, layoffs, and eliminating programs. the union says some of those cuts were scheduled to happen before the strike and they felt there might be other ways to find solutions. >> we think that these can be handled in the best way possible. those serious cuts not have to happen. the district is willing to stretch. we are willing to get uncomfortable in order to close this deal. i think the community should know that if we do anything significantly higher than what we have put out there there has got to be some balance. that balance is going to come in the way of cuts. >> reporter: late thursday evening we spoke with the state superintendent by phone. the that we can do is to help keep the parties at the table. we can answer any questions if there are specifics that people have about what the state board of education can provide. it is always our goal to support local decision-making. the state superintendent could be here in hayward as early as 930 friday morning. he and both sides are hoping
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that they can get the teachers and the student back in the classroom by next week. knew at 11:00, gavin newsom announced today his support for a bill that would give the california horse racing board more power to ensure the safety of racehorses. the governor's decision follows the death of 26 horses at southern california santa anita racetrack. democratic senator authored the legislation. it would give the board the power to quickly suspend horseracing licenses and take other actions to protect the safety of horses and jockeys at california tracks. the bill making its way through the state legislature would been those small bottles of shampoo and conditioner that are offered at hotels. the state smi passed the bill and it is now in the senate. supporters of the legislation said the bottles are bad for the environment and hotels already use large dispensers for body wash and shampoo,
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including a hotel in mill valley that since they stopped using those small bottles back in 2012. >> realized that we were throwing out a large of partially used bottles. it was a waste. it was a lot of plastic. our hotel tries to be green. if the state senate passes the bill and the governor signs it, the band would go into effect in 2023. a political event in san francisco this weekend will bring together 14 of the democratic candidates for president. the canon it's fine for the nomination making their pitch to delegates of the state democratic convention. they include senators kamala harris, cory booker, elizabeth warren, and former congressman beto o'rourke. one big name not coming his former vice president joe biden. he plans to be in columbus, ohio speaking at an lgbt rights group . president trump made a surprise announcement tonight think that he plans to impose a 5% tariff on imported goods
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from mexico beginning on june 10. the president says the tariff will gradually increase and less mexico take steps to stop the flow of undocumented immigrants reaching the u.s. border. the president says he will implement the tariffs using his broad powers during what he considers to be a national emergency. the president declared that emergency earlier this year to free up money for his border wall. a business that has worked. it has hearts for their customers. it has heart for the community. more signs of recovery in the north bay. by the reopening of willi's wine bar means more than you might expect. it is warming up in time for the weekend. the weather is coming up. let you know how warm it will get. the new statistics from health officials to show how large the measles outbreak has grown.
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the center for disease control says the numbers of measles cases in the u.s. has reached levels not seen in 25 years. 971 cases of measles have been reported so far this year. fortunately no deaths earthling to the outbreak. last time the u.s. some more than 900 cases was back in 1994. most of the outbreaks are occurring in communities where parents have refused to vaccinate their children. a warning tonight about blue green algae discovery bay. health officials say the algae is not toxic but they are telling people to be careful when going in the water. a health inspector for the environment will help says that when the weather gets warmer they will conduct more tests on the algae. the summer health officials issued a warning for people and their pets to stay out of the water and to not eat fish from discovery bay . fire crews were setting controlled burns as fire season approaches. marin county firefighters used
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a hillside for a controlled burn not. this was a training session for new firefighters. officials that you can expect to see more control to reduce agitation in the coming weeks. despite all of the rain, by officials say they are expecting another rough fire year. they are telling us that we are going to have another high risk season. it is going to be a little bit delayed. some are worst fire season in history in california have been after extremely wet maze. firefighters are also sending out notices to property owners who could face fines if they did not turn back brush on the properties . a restaurant reopened today more than a year and a half d in a devastating wine ion was country fires. the original willi's wine bar was about 10 minutes from the new location. the 3000 buildings destroyed the comin it is a sign that santa rosa
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is rebuilding. wine country is rebuilding. we are not stopping. >> the owners also brought back about three quarters of the original staff. checking in on the temperatures from today. a little bit cooler but it will be warmer tomorrow as high pressure burnley grabs hold. we will see temperatures back in the mid-80s in some places, which will be nice. temperatures tomorrow are warmer. warmer still into the weekend and into early next week. we could see some upper 80s and low 90s. that will mainly be in the south bay. still warm. look at the under storms that popped up earlier this evening up in the north central valley toward butte and colusa county. you guys had your fair share of thunderstorms. they died down rapidly. that is quite a flurry of those. a lot of pictures came out of that area. for us the story has been a
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deep marine layer. close enough that it took the pressure off the marine layer and allotted to push inland. pretty much almost all the counties have cloud cover. it will be gone early tomorrow morning. in san francisco it'll be around until 10:00. most areas do not see sent today will see sun tomorrow. this is like oakland and san francisco. temperatures will warm up. a ni overnight lows will be in the 50s. forecast for tomorrow looks like this for oakland. and san mateo. partly cloudy to maybe mostly cloudy in the morning. even in san francisco it is a quick burn off. a few clouds children from the sierra nevada from the unusual system. wind high of 60 degrees in san francisco. this is isotherm at. it shows you the temperatures using colors. their way e 80s and words are toward the west towards us as we get into the latter part of
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the week. either way, it is warming up. talk tomorrow morning. back to the coast. it stays there. mostly sunny all day. saturday morning the fog stays at the coast. then into sunny all day. that is how it goes sunday, monday, tuesday as well. forecast high is 85 in fairfield. let's go to the 5-day forecast so you can see that we are in for a nice run of weather, right through the bay area weekend. bay area congressman jackie spear prevented the gold medal today to one of the true heroes of world war ii. the ceremony took place at the south san francisco home of the 98-year-old bernard stevens. he was a jewish teen a in munich when he escaped from germany in 1939. he then returned to germany four years later as an american soldier to fight the . he was a paratrooper conducting espionage missions behind enemy lines.
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>> what a great story . if you're looking for food, fun, and community we have you covered this weekend no matter where you live in the bay area, we have the run down internet weekend watch. looking ahead to the first weekend of june in the san francisco, the 34th annual union street festival will feel the kohala district saturday and sunday. offering international food, beverage booth, live music, a carnival, games for kids and more. in the south bay, get a taste of greece of the 2019 san jose greek festival you can enter authentic food, live music, dancing and entertainment, arts and craft, the traditional marketplace and more going on friday through sunday at the saint nicholas greek orthodox church. it is the start of the summer of the 38th annual walnut creek art and wine festival with a weekend of family fun and thro
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heather brown.. the festival features local artist, live music, a wide variety of food and drinks, a craft beer garden, premium wine and interactive kids on . in the east bay, had to the square for the patchwork show oakland makers festival on saturday. shop handmade and independent goods from 150+ local makers. it also includes food artisans and music. the 21st annual spurge aspect get underway this weekend. the 10 day. be about things just be in venues throughout the area both indoors and out. this year's festival also celebrates the 50 day celebration of the renowned jazz label ecm records. the 32nd annual lgbtq pride parade and festival is this weekend in santa rosa. the parade will be on saturday at 11:00. the festival will be at old courthouse square on sunday. will find pride in the park complete with food trucks, drinks, entertainment, arts and crafts, and other entertainment as well. coming up, the warriors
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lost game one of the nba finals against the raptors tonight in toronto. mark will show us what went wrong. that is coming up next in sports . two dozen officers from the dublin area and an eighth grade graduation ceremony tonight. we were there to support and to celebrate with grace miller. her father, john miller, died in the line of duty in 2007. the officer said they wanted to make sure she had their support on such a special night. 11:00 this continues after the break. sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. feeling good? oh yeah. now i'm ready to focus on my project. ♪ ♪ this is why we plan. ♪ ♪
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mark is back. how much do you think it hurt the warriors since i did not have kevin durant in the lineup? >> i do not think you can even calculate. another offense is very stagnant at times. they could use a guy, just isolated, make sure he gets you a couple of buckets. it did not happen. they had to rely on steph curry. this is a team who has done it right from the get-go. this'll be a different attorney as well, if they are to succeed. a ramp or munching a warriors jersey outside the arena, kind of sets the tone. leonard did a good job of containing. he had a quiet 20 through. that will get a bucket and he fell.
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they led by 10 at the halftime. kevin durant is probably out for game two as well. he was grading his team as it came to the locker room. steph curry is looking to make it happen in the third. they outscored the raptors by three in the third. they had 34 points. long distance there. they could never get over the hump. they turned the ball over 17 times. that really got to them. turn 25 had the game of his life. at one time he had 11 straight shots. get 32 points. a career-best. huge shot here. look at this, patrick. as a shot clock just about a three. his first point in the playoffs on a bucket. in the mean that shot goes down. you kind of know it will not be your night as a warriors take off to the locker room afterward. look at raymonde having heated
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words with drake. the champions of the world are taking this. >> at the end of the day they outplayed us. there is no other way to say it. they did what they were supposed to do and took care of home court on the first game. no matter what, it is a long series. game two is a opportunity for us to right the wrongs and get a big win and go back home. interesting to see how the fence at her coal creek drake. he will no doubt make the trip . the giants finally get out of the funk, the seven-game losing streak. they now have a -- if you're san francisco . a ver lining, a base hit and it is a 1-1 game.
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there is a shot up the alley and to right-center field. he got a ground double. 3-1 the final. do we have a little time where we can see to? check this out. this is woman softball. samantha child, 20 home runs. i loved what she does after the home runs. that is the ultimate backflip. she does that to keep her teammates alive in the dugout. she throws it right towards them in the dugout. check this out. this guy can play center field right now for the they are doing that without a glove. that is a sporting life . >> that is school. thank you for joining us tonight. good night. everyone's got to listen to mom.
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